Q: What are your rates for wedding photography? 
A: Wedding coverage begins at $3499, and our couples typically invest upwards of $4500-6000 for full wedding day coverage with products. Because every couple's budget is different, I strongly suggest coming in for a consultation so we can discuss your specific needs and custom-build something that's perfect for you.

Q: We're interested in an album, but if we're getting the digital files, why should we also get the album?
A: To be honest, wedding albums are the BEST part of your wedding photography deliverables! There's nothing like holding the story of your day in your hands in a format that tangible, luxurious, and easy for your friends and family to enjoy. Our albums take about the best 75-100 images and encapsulate the story of your day through well thought-out layouts and designs. Each album is handcrafted by our favorite album makers, with heavy, thick, archival quality pages and a variety of leather and silk covers to choose from. We believe in a beautiful, heirloom-quality album that you and your loved ones can touch, flip through, and feel. The album tells the story of your day and is something even future generations will love to look at. 

Q: Do you travel for weddings? 
A: Absolutely! While I am based out of southern California, I've had the pleasure to travel to the 4 corners of the US to cover a wide range of weddings and locales.

Q: What do you charge for travel fees? 
A: I don't charge a travel fee, but do require that one of the premium collections be booked for destination weddings.
 If flying or required to stay overnight, clients are also expected to cover airfare and accommodations. 

Q:  What do we need to do to book with you?
A: To reserve me and my team for your wedding date, all you need is a signed contract and non-refundable* $500 deposit. The balance is due two weeks prior to your actual wedding.

Q: How much time should we allow on the wedding day for photos? 
A: This depends on the length of your wedding, but we find that most weddings fall nicely between 7-9 hours of coverage. It's recommended that coverage starts around the time that the bride is getting ready and ends after the scheduled events for the evening are finished (ex: cake cutting, bouquet toss). We typically like to cover a few crazy moves on the dance floor as well, but don't need to stay until the very end of your reception unless you have a grand exit you want us to be there for, in which case we are happy to stay for sparklers, vintage Rolls Royce getaway cars, and more! 

Q: Should we see each other before the ceremony? 
A: While this is definitely a personal decision you and your fiance should discuss when deciding the timeline of your wedding, our studio recommends a first look session for the bride and groom prior to the ceremony. The first look gives you a chance to be together without the pressure of all your guests present--it's a great opportunity to take some portraits and just enjoy each other before the crowds arrive. Although it can be a special part of the day, we understand it may not be the right fit for everyone. The most important thing you can do for each other is to figure out what you want, regardless of traditions and the desires of others. Then go with that! 

Q: I don't like the uncomfortable, cheesy posed shots, will you do those? 
A: Nope! In our photography, we strive to capture real moments. The moments that when you look back on your photographs, they make you feel. The only times we pose are during portraits when our guidance will be beneficial, in which case it's more of offering direction for you rather than stiff posing. Otherwise, we're just there to document your story in a meaningful and artistic way. 

Q: Do you bring backup equipment? 
A: YES. Any photographer documenting something as monumental as a wedding should have backup equipment with them at all times. I always have at least one backup camera body in arms reach in the unfortunate case one malfunctions, and numerous lenses to use.

Q: What time of day is best to take portraits? 
A: The best time of day is an hour after sunrise or a couple hours before sunset, otherwise called the "golden hour". Shooting at this time of day will eliminate the harsh shadows of the sun and allow for the creamy goodness of light to flow into the photographs. Whether you're scheduling your wedding portraits into the timeline or a booking a portrait session, the golden hour will let me create the best possible images to give to you. HOWEVER, if your schedule does NOT allow us to take portraits at this time, please rest assured that I've photographed people in rain, harsh sun, sudden snow, and all manner of lighting conditions--and our experienced photographers can deal with them all and still get you beautiful images. 
Q: Can we get our images on a CD? 
A: Wedding collections come with all the digital images from your wedding day, printable up to 8 x 10". These are edited for brightness and contrast and color-corrected for skin tones.

Q: When will we receive our images? 
A: Due to the extensive editing and care taken to give you the best images possible, photographs for all wedding packages will be delivered 6-8 weeks after your wedding date. Portraits and other sessions typically take 2-4 weeks. 

Q: How do you safe keep our images? 
A: Once a wedding or portrait session is over, I immediately transfer images to a computer, external hard drive, and keep them on the memory cards as well. Once I'm back in the studio, I make multiple copies of the images and back them up on a CD. In case of theft, equipment failure, or operator error, your pictures are always safe!


*Deposits are due upon execution of wedding photography agreement. You will have 48 hours to change your mind, after which the deposit amount becomes non-refundable.