Q: What are your family and children's portrait sessions like?
A: Sessions are approximately 60-90 minutes long, depending on your child's capacity to be photographed (older children tend to have more stamina than younger children in terms of following directions, smiling, wardrobe changes, etc). We will help direct the entire family to create a series of both candid images as well as beautifully-arranged, semi-directed shots. We love doing a combination of shots with each child, the children together, children with each parent, and then the family altogether. We want to make sure everyone gets equal love in the family from us!

Q: What should we wear to our shoot?
A: While it is not necessary for the entire family to match exactly (for example, everyone wearing the same outfit!), it is important that everyone's outfits go together and complement one another in terms of color and style. We often advise families to select one or two colors and build their wardrobe around that. For example, if you want to do holiday photos that have some red in it, not everyone has to wear a red shirt. Mom can have a red blouse on, while the rest of the family can keep to neutral colors but use red as the accent color (think fun red boots for the kids). If you aren't sure, we are always glad to help with styling! For ideas, please visit our Pinterest page.

Q: What types of locations do you suggest for our photo session?
A:  Location is a big part of the look and feel of your photos. Consider if you want to do something dressy and formal vs. casual and fun. Some of our favorite locations in Orange County include regional parks, small meadows and woodsy areas, local beaches, the Mission in San Juan Capistrano, or even your home! The sky's the limit! If you have an idea such as photographing on the family's boat, or at grandpa's cabin, let us know. We love it when clients get creative, as it allows us to do the same. (Please note that some beaches will require a fee to shoot on; the mission charges $50)

Q: I notice I can't just buy a disk of images from you. Why is that?
A: While there are photographers who simply shoot a session and burn a disk for their clients, our studio has chosen instead to specialize in providing one-of-a-kind, artistically rendered portraits for you and your family. That process begins with the consultation of your shoot and doesn't end until we deliver heirloom-quality products to you that reflect our sense of artistry and quality. Each image you order, from canvas to album, is carefully retouched and artistically enhanced to our aesthetic standard. We have also partnered with professional labs and other craftsmen to produce our line of products which include hand-crafted albums, carefully retouched enlargements and canvases, artistically enhanced fine art prints on watercolor paper and more.