Q: Tell me about your engagement sessions
A: I personally think engagement sessions are an important part of the wedding photography experience, which is why our collections all include one. Many couples have never been professionally photographed beforeso this is a great way to get comfortable with me and I with you. I actually discover a lot about you during this time! For example, I find out who is the ham and who is the camera-shy one. I find out what makes you smile, what makes you laugh. I find out what makes you comfortable. These are all important aspects of the natural-looking images I capture. All sessions are done in natural light, at a location or multiple locations of our choosing. Average length is around 1 - 1.5 hours. Please see our Engagement Gallery for our work.

Q: Can I bring props to my engagement session? 
A: Absolutely! While we certainly don't need to have them, they can be a lot of fun and add uniqueness to your photos. We also have a variety of fun furniture and props in our studio that we can bring to the shoot with us. (We do charge $25 for bringing larger furniture.)  I love to style sessions, and would be over the moon to help you take an idea and create a reality that we can capture together. Themes can range from vintage, travel, literature, music, to even just simplicity in nature. Anything you dream up, I'll do my best to help create. Clients that demand more of my creativity are my inspiration. 

Q: What should we wear to our engagement session?
A: Whatever makes you feel comfortable and beautiful! Your outfits don't need to match, but should complement each other in color and style. We love to help, too: Often clients show up with several outfits and we all put something together on the spot! If you have any questions about what looks best in photos, feel free to ask us or check out our boards on Pinterest

Q: Should I get my hair and make-up done for the engagement session?
A: Beautifully done hair and make-up go a long way. For those who aren't as confident about their make-up skills, or want to try something different, we have a list of quality make-up artists to recommend. For those on a budget, the cosmetics counters at Nordstrom's typically have artists who will do your make-up with a small product purchase. There are also several blow-out bars in the area for fantastic, professional looking hair.