Orange County food photography: Light, fall cooking

It's always nice to take a break from "work" and do some photography, er, I mean, shoot some stuff for little ol' me. And a few friends. 

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and Peilin & Friends got an early start on the holiday of cookin', eatin', and hangin' ... Peiln, who is a food stylist (and just an all around amazing whipper-upper-of-yummy-stuff) had a few recipes she wanted played out, and her friend and fellow blogger Meesh was kind enough to let us make the mess in her home. It was great to sit and relax in the middle of week, cook (or in my case, watch others cook and stuff my face and click my shutter), chat with some new people, watch the kiddos make their own culinary combinations (apples and BBQ sauce--why not?) and see Peilin turn out dainty little dish after rustic dish of light, autumn fare.

We had homemade candied cranberries (delightful), cranberry loaf with hand-churned cinnamon butter, veggie and egg white frittata, macerated kale salad, broccoli and pumpkin flaxseed fritters with tzatziki on the side, and Peilin also de-mystified mock strawberries for us. Look down the post, they're the ones that look like li'l pumpkins. 

For the recipes, please visit Meesh's blog