Orange County Engagement: Stephen + Lahee

So my husband and I have known Stephen for a while, since he was a wee college boy… and over the years we've watched him acquire cars, a place of his own, etc, so we naturally heckled him about "where's your girlfriend, Steve? When you gonna settle down?" Steve's the kind of guy who likes to keep his cards close to his chest and take his time, so he would just smile when we teased him and say little. So when we heard the great news that he had put a ring on the finger of his girlfriend Lahee, we were thrilled and so very happy for him! I very much looked forward to meeting her and seeing who was the girl who got Steve to ditch his bachelor ways as she must be lovely and sweet. And she was.

The three of us had a great time for their engagement shoot. My favorite meadow is awash again in an endless bloom of golden yarrow (it's not always like that, you know!) and perfect for the soft, romantic kind of images I like to do best. Lahee was a natural in front of the camera. And Steve, haha…let's just say he needed some warming up! But warm up he did and I'm thrilled with the way these images came out: warm, fun, and oh so sweet.