Irvine wedding photographer in Galveston for Esther and Brandon

I had the pleasure last month of visiting Texas for the wedding of Esther and Brandon Hendricks. (Believe it or not, the weather was actually more pleasant and mild there than it was here--we were right in the thick of a stifling heat wave and the oceanside breezes of the gulf were a nice change!)

The best part of the wedding wasn't the model-esque and statuesque bride and groom. Nor was it the dusky sunset backdrop of their evening portraits. The best part was that several years ago, Esther was a bridesmaid at another one of my weddings, and her mother had come up to me during the reception, grabbed my arm, and said, "Your pictures must be great. When Esther gets married, you're going to photograph her wedding!" This was spoken before she had ever laid eyes on my work (I get that a lot from people actually when I'm shooting weddings…I must look like I know what I'm doing ;-) Her prophecy, wonderfully, did come true--Esther met the wonderful and talented Mr. Brandon, and I was so thrilled to be able to be there to capture their love, their nuptials, their friends and family…I really do love my job because it brings me into ever-widening circles of people and their joy.