Countdown to Baby: My Beautiful Baby Shower

So last week several of my friends threw me (and Baby Ivey) a shower--a lovely, lovely shower. It was exactly as I wanted it to be, which is exciting, as few things in life are. And being the hands-on person that I am, my poor friends had to be subjected to all my ideas of how I envisioned the shower to be ("Twine-themed," I said; to which they responded by staring at me questioningly.) For food, I said I really wanted to serve charcuterie, imported cheeses, and champagne. "You mean everything you're not supposed to eat?" one of my them said dubiously. Um, yeah...pretty much. :)

My family members (namely, aunt Kathy and Mom) helped me assemble little pots of succulents for the favors, clipping hand-made "thank you" notes to them with miniature clothespins; we conquered the gloppy mess of making decorative twine balls, tediously folded origami sailboat name cards, and much more... Some people asked me why I wasn't resting my pregnant self and was instead fussing with shower details? The truth is, when your passion and work is to create visually delightful and lovely events, you just want to be able to share that with those who you love whenever possible. And once this baby comes--if all my friends are right, which I bet they are--it may be a while before I get to do something like this with my girlfriends: relax under a warm California sun, [watching them] sip on raspberry-infused champagne, catch up, and enjoy some diaper-and-spit-up-free moments (on my invite I encouraged everyone to bring their children, but strangely, few moms, a grateful shout-out to all the dads out there who took a shift with the little darlings so the moms could have an afternoon out!)

And of course, this event took a small village to make happen. Special thanks to contributing vendors and individuals at the end of the post!


A heartfelt thanks to the following folks: 

Rebecca, Heidi, and Carlin, for being gracious hostesses: words cannot express my gratitude...Aunt Kathy, for rolling up your sleeves and getting DIY with me on multiple weekends... Candace, for making crab quiches the morning of the shower (to the joy of my guests, who loved them!) ... my in-laws from Michigan for their love and fruit ;-)... my friend Kristin Karkoska of Blue Sky's Studio for taking some of the most beautiful pictures of me and my husband during out maternity shoot... Peilin Breller, food stylist extraordinaire, for lending us your pretty service ware ... Amanda Heer of Fantasy Floral Designs: how you managed to make floral centerpieces both fun and boyish is amazing... Heather and Jeannie of Storied Rentals for sharing your vintage furniture pieces with this event: my guests so enjoyed them; they really made this shower just a little more special ... Bonnie for letting me trick you into shooting this shower ... and of course everyone who came to hang out and support me while as I embark on this new, exciting, scaring, wonderful chapter of my life: motherhood. I'm so blessed to have people like this in my life--I can only hope to be this supportive and wonderful for you in your life's milestones!