Bard Mansion Wedding: Carrie and Howard Wedding

While every wedding I photograph is special, there are particular weddings that hold more meaning to me. In the case of Carrie and Howard, it's because I've known Howard since I was 19…yes, 19! Howard graduated from art school when I was still puttering my way through my design degree; Howard was the guy that lent me his gear when I was first starting out in my photography career. Although we would often go for long stretches without seeing each other, inevitably, between mutual friends and shared interests, it always seems like our paths crossed. We've seen each other through many years and seasons, lots of ups and downs, transitions and stages, and simply periods of times where we alternately struggled with questions like, "What's next in my life? Where are things going?" and Howard was always someone with whom I could have a candid conversation. 

When Howard met Carrie, I could tell that THIS ONE WAS DIFFERENT. He was happier than I had ever seen him, and before I even laid eyes on Carrie I had the sense that she made him so happy because she loved him just the way he is. While the media sells romance 24/7, the truth is being loved for who you are, warts and all, by someone as lovely as Carrie, is not something that comes along very often in a person's life. And when it does, you do what Howard did: you put a ring on it.

Congratulations to two wonderful people. Many blessings for a long and healthy marriage!