Crossline Community Church Wedding: Courtney & Paul

If there was one word I had to choose to describe the wedding of Courtney and Paul Taylor, it would be "exuberant". Courtney is one of the most upbeat, happy, energetic brides I've had the pleasure to work with. She managed to look radiant, elegant, and completely joyful the entire day. And the groom Paul--well, don't let his quieter demeanor fool you; when it came to partying it up, silliness, mutually slamming the wedding cake into each other's faces and hair, and ending the night by jumping in a pool (yes you heard me right…and in their suit and wedding dress, too), he was right there along with her!

But beyond the fun and laughter, I was also impressed by the love between this awesome couple, as well as support shown by their family and friends. Their shared faith and commitment to one another was amazing to bear witness to as Courtney and Paul begin their life together. #perfectlyTAYLORedunion!